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October 21th "MICHAEL YANIS'S ORCHESTRA WORLD HITS" In the historic Fox Theater in downtown Riverside hear hit songs played by pop symphony orchestra! The program includes world hits made popular by Metallica, Sting, Nirvana, The Beatles, Queen, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi and many other singers and bands you'll enjoy hearing again!

You will hear a powerful sound LIVE! played by professional symphony musicians: a wealth of violins, the charm of cellos, the drive of rock-and-roll percussion. All this will make the Symphony Show «WORLD HITS!» rich and colorful, and the energy of this legendary music will be much more dynamic than you've ever heard on CD or internet. It's a perfect night out for you and your date.

MICHAEL YANIS - conductor and composer, has been named an Honored Artist of Russia.

Michael Yanis conducted at the Winter Olympiad in Sochi 2014. His orchestra played for the Olympic champions in figure skating, and he wrote and conducted the 2014 Olympic Games hymn "Mark on the Ice". He's a member of the American Academy of Recording "Grammy" and the Television Academy "Emmy". Michael Yanis has performed as a conductor on the most prestigious stages and will be touring this show throughout the U.S. Come see for yourself what the excitement is!!!

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Michael Yanis

was born on 7 February 1972.
He has a higher musical education. He is a PhD in conducting. He is proficient in playing the piano and the accordion.

“I imagine conducting as a kind of hypnosis that affects the musicians and allows me to get to such a level of the sound when all the notes are mentally seen in space”  

Yanis Orchestra


You can listen to some tracks on our site:

World Hits by Yanis Orchestra
World Hits by Yanis Orchestra
Smoke on the water - cover by Yanis Orchestra
Smoke on the water. Yanis Orchstra